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2 December - The Clash of Civilizations

At the same time when Ezra and Nehemiah were rebuilding the new Jerusalem, Confucius was teaching in China, Zoroaster in Persia, Jnatrputra (founder of Jainism) in India, Gautuma Siddharta founded Buddhism and Heraclitus was discovering the "Logos" in Ephesus.


25 November - Kingdom Analysis of the Week's Headlines

Finance fraud; LGBT issues in Russia and Church of England; South Africa's core problem; And why we are in a civilizational struggle to manifest the Kingdom of God on earth and not the "end times"


18 November - Israel's Future Dependent on Three Mega-Projects

For those who do not believe in eschatalogical Zionism the "realpolitic" of Israel's future as a nation state depends on 3 major projects planned by the Israeli "deep state". Gaza and the West Bank prevent all three. My suggestion on how to solve the Middle East crisis.


11 November -AI: Digital Mediums and Ouija Boards

This last week OpenAI had a major product upgrade announcement: Chat GPT -4 Turbo. The reports of "sentient" intelligence in advanced AI are increasing. People are asking "Who are we talking to?" The Oracle of Delphi is back but the medium is not a Sybil priestess. It is a talking "thinking" Artificial Intelligence. .


4 November -Israel - Netanyahu to Israel: Remember Amalek

Last Sunday Prime Minister Netanyahu addressed Israel in Hebrew and twice declared "Remember Amalek". This is incredibly dangerous. Last Sunday Mike Bickle the leader of the "Kansas City Prophets" and the "International Prayer for Israel May 2023"_ was removed as leader for decades of sexual impropriety with many women. It is time for spiritual discernment....What is going on?


28 October -Israel - Gaza-Israel: God’s Division of the Promised Land

Evangelical support for Israel has much to do with God’s land promise to Israel. But what about God’s division of land to the other nations in the conflict? There is more here at stake than meets the eye or meats current prophetic expectations.


21 October -Israel - Gaza War : Possible Scenarios and Consequences

The Lord is once again shaking the nations. (Hagai 2: 6-7). I see 3 possible war scenarios, international economic and political power consequences. And the possible impacts on Israel and the Church.


14 October -The Israel-Hamas War: A Different Perspective

Beware of all the “end time prophecy” hype coming from the American evangelicals. There is a huge “prophetic hypocrisy” going on. Things are not what they seem. We need a larger perspective of God’s plans for our times.


7 October -Protecting the Family: Proposal for a New Tax System

A small financial transactions tax could correct the enormous tax burden on families in our economic system, from the governmental debt crisis to the widening wealth divide to the rampant financialization of the economy, while eliminating taxes on income and sales.

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