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The Teaching Ministry of Orlando Mostert

My wife Annora and I live on the West Coast of the Western Province here in South Africa.
My spiritual roots are in the Pentecostal world that I grew up in (Assemblies of God). We attend our local Dutch Reformed Church and host a Bible study cell group in our home.
We are involved in both ministry outreach as well as our own businesses and therefore understand the challenges of both ministry and business.

On the website ministry there is nothing for sale and nothing to join. I stay away from exhortation, devotional type blogs as you have enough access to that from your local church. I am devoted here purely with exploring the very long term future of the Church as God's "ekklesia" for healing the nations and discipling the nations. I will therefore be doing a lot of material on technology, business, economics, history, cosmology etc as well as future trend analysis with a view to prophecy and the long term endless exponential growth of the Kingdom of God...and all which that implies. That means strategic planning and exploring new ideas for manifesting the glory of God in all the earth.

I am prejudicial towards South Africa and our calling as a people to win Africa for Christ so a lot of my analysis will focus on our domestic situation but if you are logged in from overseas I am hoping you can catch some vision and strategy from this site for your own nation.

Yours in Christ
Orlando Mostert

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