Kingdom Vision

The War of the Saints

God has tasked His Church to defeat Satan and his demons. For that we need a theology of victory. We need to understand the Satanic conspiracy from start to finish and in all its manifestations that attempt to counterfeit God's actions, infiltrate the Church, seduce and deceive the masses and cause people and nations to serve and obey fallen angels and demons.

Victory over Satan

I reject the theology of a retreating Church that needs to be raptured out of the earth to protect us from Satan. I believe in the Church as the instrument of God for the defeaat of Satan!

There are Many Antichrists

Everything you have read in popular prophecy books on the Antichrist is wrong. Here is my explanation for you why there are many antichrists and who in history was thr "man of sin" to sit in the Temple of God declaring himself to be a god.

The Opening of the Abyss: UFO's and the Return of the Gods

There is a powerful deception ready to amaze the world. The Abyss of Revelation has opened and the ancient gods are making their comeback in their "chariots of the gods".

Mystery Babylon and the Gates of Hell

If you knew where Jesus was standing when He said "I will build my church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it" then you will get new insight into what Mystery Babylon is how we must fight it.

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