Kingdom Vision

The Second Reformation: Healing the Nations

It is time for a second reformation to redesign the Church using the Israel Template in scripture to fulfil God's plan of the ages to heal the nations and manifest His glory in the earth. The technology is now available to create a virtual City Church bringing believers together into networks of collaboration and action. We can disciple and grow virtual new “sheep” nations for the Kingdom of God parallel to the failing world system.

Reformation and Restoration

The first Reformation of 1517 led by the great Reformers, Luther and Calvin led the people out of spiritual Babylon of the Papacy but it also changed the world. It destroyed the grip of the Feudalism structure of kings and priests and led the way to freedom of the people to create world wide prosperity. This is the answer to the question "Why the West and Not the Rest?"

Ekklesia and the Second Reformation

Jesus said "I will build my Church". Our problem in getting an accurate vision for the Church is that we need to understand what Jesus meant by "Church". And He did not mean a Sunday morning meeting in a building.

Creating Sheep Nations Using the Israel Template

Jesus said before He returns He will be estgablishing new "sheep nations" and seperating them from the "goat" nations of the world. In a world where nations states are collapsing the Lord is forming new virtual "nations" of His people to do the great works that need to be done in the earth.

The City Church of the 21st Century

To heal the nations and do the great work that needs to be done in a collapsing world order we need a new way that we do church. Here the vision of the city wide virtual community of the City Church of the future. A future that is now and is using the gresat technology of the 21st Century for the Kingdom of God.

The Purpose of God's Kingdom Economy on Earth

The Lord is the creator and owner of the all the earth and all who dwell in the earth. He wants a return on His investment. We need to redesign our economy to produce what the Lord wants from earth and its people.

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