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Three new articles added this week to our website: 
"Creating Sheep nations using the Israel Template"
"The Purpose of God's Kingdom Economy on Earth"
"Alpha and Omega: Space Colonization and the Kingdom of God"

Kingdom Vision Reports


23 February 2019 - God's Poverty Intervention Program

There is a remarkable amount of scripture that relates to the poor, poverty relief and causes and remedies for addressing poverty. I want to spend some blogs on this issue but lets start with the Biblical concept of immediate poverty relief.


16 February 2019 - The Happiest Country in the World

Yes there is a happiest country in the world index. I was surprised to find out which country won three times out of four. I was not surprised when I found out why. A lesson in Kingdom economics.


09 February 2019 - Babylon Falling and God's Heart for the Unborn

This last week something prophetically important happened in America with consequences for the fall of Mystery Babylon. The stark cruelty of new abortion laws (killing babies after they are born) became a wake up call for action across the political spectrum....and the Church.


02 February 2019 - South Africa : Rebuilding the Waste Places

The terrible news coming out of the Zondo Commission on State Capture and corruption in high places needs analysis from a Kingdom perspective. The economy and society are in serious trouble. South Africa will have to be rebuilt from the is my analysis of why and how we Christians can re-shape the future.


26 January 2019 - Prophetic Analysis: The Deep State and the Game of Thrones

You will notice my new website design. I want to give you a template for understanding the important transition the world is going through and how to use my website for understanding this prophetic template.


19 January 2019 - Part 2: The Kingdom Economy Needs a New Type of Citizen

I am going to make a very radical proposal to you. I want to make the case for the government of God on earth with a new type of economy but it is not a government with Jesus in Jerusalem but Jesus in you and me and manifested in His Church. And if we get that right...I predict we as the Church will fulfill the Lord's prediction that the meek will inherit the earth!