Kingdom Vision

Restoration of All Things

To understand the end we need to understand the beginning. We look in depth at God's plan in Eden and the restoration of that plan through Christ the second Adam. This gives un insight as to what the "rapture", the Second Coming and the end of this age and the beginning of the new age will look like, as well as the Melchizedek priesthood of Adam restored and the coming age of the greater anointing of power in the Church.

The Restoration of All Things

It is time for the fulfillment of the Feast of Tabernacles. God is going to restore Eden and the ministry of Adam back to the Church for the healing of the nations This is the restoration agenda ahead of us.

The Seven Comings of the Lord

There is great confusion in the Church about the Second Coming of Christ. When, where, how? Let me show you why the New Testamnet speaks of 7 comings of Christ out of heaven to earth and a new vision of the coming great coming of His power and presence on the earth to heal the nations.

Behold I Show You a Mystery

We get a lot of our teaching on the end times and the coming of Christ from Paul's teaching to the Corithians and the Thessalonian churches. I want to give you a new look at what I believe is the mystery behind Paul's great revelation of "Behold I show you a mystery"

The Restoration Age: From Eden to the New Jerusalem

To understand the vision of the New Jerusalem you need to understand what the conditions of the earth were when God created Eden. The world catastrophe of that time, the collapse of the "world that then was" and the minsitry of Adam to heal the nations. God is restoring Eden in the New Jerusalem with a restored Melchizedek mininistry to heal the nations. Which is why the construction and dimensions of the New Jerusalem are important.

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